Hidden by the sand of time – Kelaart’s Starry Shrub Frog

A shrub frog thought extinct for 160 years has again seen the light of day. Meet the Kelaart’s starry shrub frog, and with a stunning coloration of green skin with white spots, When the island of Sri Lanka was known as a British colony, Ceylon, In 1853, Edward Frederick Kelaart, a naturalist, collected a strange frog. It has lime green skin with black outlines of white specks. A length of more than two inches.

White Morphed Purple Faced Leaf Monkeys

Few things can be considered truly mind-bogglingly hard to find. The rarity makes the aura of its/their existence almost mythical. Given this context, the knowledge of a very rare recessive gene in a particular troop of endemic species of monkeys found only in Sri Lanka is music to anyone’s ears.

Leopards Galore in Wilpattu

The deep dark forests and sandy safari trails of Wilpattu is according to the latest research home to the largest concentration of leopards in Sri Lanka and possibly the world.

Sightings Report- Sudden Dash to The Rainforest

A sudden news of a rare bird always excites the team at Classic Wild, and this was what exactly happened on a working day on Monday the 28th of March 2022, when information was received of two juvenile Serendib Scops Owl being sighted in Sinharaja.

Trip Report – Fishing Cat in the City

Sri Lanka is truly blessed with amazing bio diversity, and nature can be seen all around, even in the cities. The suburbs of Sri Lanka’s metropolis Colombo has some amazing wetland habitats which are a haven for birdlife as well as many other species of amazing animals such as the Saltwater Crocodile, Water Monitor, Golden Jackal, Indian Porcupine and even a silent feline which is extremely hard to see even during the night, the elusive Fishing Cat.

A Scouting Trip to the Land of Lakes – Wilpattu

Wilpattu National Park, the largest park in Sri Lanka, is one of the most unique and underrated wildlife eco systems in the island. With sandy dark dirt tracks, and dense evergreen forests, and open sandy lakes, this park is by far the most beautiful safari locations in Sri Lanka. 

Trip Report- Recce Trip to Sinharaja Forest Reserve 

With stunning views of the ancient Rock Fortress, this boutique-style property is design like the historic Water Gardens of the Kings of Ancient Sri Lanka but with all the luxurious of a star class boutique resort.