Tour Report- 17 Leopard sightings in an epic photo safari in Yala National Park

Classic Wild was honored and privileged to have organized and hosted a tour group led by acclaimed wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley, the owner and operator of Idube Photo Safaris and his clients from USA this June on a 5 night photo safari in Yala National Park.

The tour focused mainly on the iconic Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) but also the amazing diversity of wildlife the Yala eco system has to offer.

One of the key highlights of the tour was the stunning coastal eco system that Yala National Park has, which includes a beautiful coastline and beach. This might truly be the only park where one can see elephants and even leopards close to the Indian Ocean.

The sightings of the many leopards seen during the time spend there, were amazing, from notable individual leopards seen multiple times and many close encounters.

Some of the identified leopards who were sighted frequently were- Aster, Lucas, Michael, Amber, Malee, Jerry, Jane and Rala

The group were also thrilled to encounter two elephant bulls in musth in constant conflict with each other multiple times, and which resulted in some amazing close encounters.

Besides leopards and elephants, the group also encountered two brief Sloth Bear sightings, as well as many sightings of impressive wild water buffalo.

Overall this was a very successful and fruitful first venture into this beautiful wild island, and we look forward to welcoming Kevin and Idube Safaris back to Sri Lanka in the years to come.

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